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What is referencing?

When you research a topic for an assignment you may use ideas or information from a number of sources, including books, articles from journals or newspapers and websites to support your own work. Continue reading “What is referencing?”

Why do we reference?

Continue reading “Why do we reference?”

What do we reference?

We reference any quoted text – use quotation marks when directly using someone else’s words. Continue reading “What do we reference?”

How do we reference?

As you do your research, keep a list of all the sources that you use. Continue reading “How do we reference?”

Referencing styles

There are many different referencing styles. Continue reading “Referencing styles”


Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of someone else as your own without giving credit to the original author. Continue reading “Plagiarism”

How to avoid plagiarism

Continue reading “How to avoid plagiarism”

Common knowledge

Common knowledge is information or facts that are commonly known. Continue reading “Common knowledge”


Paraphrasing is using your own words to express someone else’s ideas whilst still preserving the main ideas of the original source. Continue reading “Paraphrasing”

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