The Foundation Studies Library Portal is a website designed to help you learn how to use the Library and locate academic resources for your assignments.

Listed below are tips for using the Portal:

Navigate the Portal

There are two ways of using (navigating) the site to access Portal content:

  1. Hover over the main menu headings and then choose a drop down option for the information you want.  Relevant information such as ‘Study Zones’, ‘Computers’ or ‘Wireless’ can be chosen as below:



2. Click on one of the main headings to see all of the content displayed for that section of the Portal. Then click on the topic you need such as ‘Study zones’, ‘Computers’ or ‘Wireless’ as shown below.



Search the portal

Click on the magnifying glass icon to search the site



Academic Skills Guides

The accompanying Academic Skills Guides provide access to excellent online resources to help you successfully complete Open Foundation, Newstep, and Yapug assessment tasks.


Portal Feedback 

We welcome any feedback you can provide about the Foundation Studies Library Portal. Please go to our Help and Information site to pass on your comments and feedback.